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Number of players:  2 - 30 

In this game teams have to use scrabble letters to create the highest scoring word on a given theme.

Equipment needed: Scrabble letters

Setting up

Make sure you have plenty of Scrabble letters to be divided between teams, depending on the numbers attending.  Teams can be from 2 players to about 8 per team.


How to play
Using Scrabble letters get teams to think up a word related to a theme that you give them.  For example they might have to come up with "the most Biblical word"!  (Whatever that is!).  They have 5 minutes and at the end of that time, they can only submit one word.  Add up the numbers on each letter and see which team scores the highest.  So you’re looking for both a great word and with the best score!  The best word gets 10 points added to total of the numbers on each letter. 




Number of players:  6 - 36  

In this team game players have to reproduce a lego structure by following the instructions of their team leader.

Equipment needed: Lego bricks

Setting up

Prepare a random structure using common lego bricks. Separate your group into teams of 3 to 6 people per team. Depending on how many teams you have, you will have to supply each team with the exact lego bricks found in your random structure. Each team must have exactly the same pieces. Have your structure set up in a nearby space that cannot be seen directly by the rest of the group. 

How to play
The aim of this game is for teams to build an exact copy of the structure you have made. Each team must select a captain to lead the group. This captain will have 2 minutes to examine the structure you have made. Invite all the captains up together to examine the structure (which has to be out of sight of the rest of the group). 

Each captain must then return to their team and instruct the team on how to build it.  Any person who has seen the structure cannot build it.  After a few minutes a vice captain can be appointed to return to the structure to examine it for a further minute. Once they have seen the structure they also cannot then touch their team’s Lego bricks.  The team that builds the structure that most resembles your random structure is the winning team.

This part of the website is a work in progress!  A new game will be added soon!

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