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Number of players:  8 - 30 

This is a team game which is easy to involve everyone.

Great for wearing out the lively ones!

Equipment needed: A large room, one or two volleyballs and some chairs.

Setting up

Choose a room that is easy to run around in, or alternatively this can be done outside (using cones). Find the approximate middle of the room and place chairs width-ways to divide the room into two equal halves (see diagram below - the chairs are the small rectangles in the diagram). In one of the corners place a semi-circle of chairs, large enough to just about fit a team of players. Do the same in the opposite half. These areas are the dungeons. Your room is now ready to play.


How to play
Divide the group into two teams, with the red team on the left side of the central barrier of chairs and the blue team on the right side. The aim of the game is to capture the opposing team's players by throwing the volleyball at them. If a player is hit by the ball they have been captured. They must stop immediately and cross over the central barrier of chairs to enter their dungeon. (Their dungeon is located in the semi-circle of chairs in the corner of the opposing team's side). When all of the opposing team players have been captured the team who captured them has won.

There is however a way of escape! You can set free any players in your team who have been captured. If a player in a dungeon catches a ball thrown to them by their team, they are immediately released. They can return to their team. Such players are not in play whilst in the opposing team's half. 

The game is won when all opposing team members are captured.

This part of the website is a work in progress!  A new game will be added soon!

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