Bible study Psalm 34
Psalm 34

This leader's guide is a teaching companion to the 40 day devotional book on Psalm 34 called "A recipe for faith." It allows small groups to journey together by studying the same part of the Bible over 40 days. Youngsters will have a three minute devotion to read each day, with journaling pages to then reflect on what they have read. The leader's guide contains seven weekly sessions with teaching material to go through as a group once a week. The teaching is interactive and facilitates small group discussion to help process the Bible text and its application for our lives.


This leader's guide and devotional on Psalm 34 examines the themes worry and fear and leads to a stronger dependence on God. It enables youngsters to identify where they may be struggling with unhealthy fears and how the Lord provides a way of living which enjoys freedom from our fears.  

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