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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.” (Psalm 37:7)

If queuing were a sport, I would be really bad at it. You might say, “Really? In whose world could queuing ever be considered competitive? Isn’t it just standing behind another person, who is then standing behind another person??” Well if darts can be considered a sport and chess is, then isn’t it just a mix of the two? If you’re anything like me at a multiple till checkout, although it appears that you’re waiting patiently, inside you’re thinking “I must strive to select the shortest, most efficient queuing opportunity!”

Obviously in the times that we are in, all competitiveness has to go out of the window; as the need for keeping a safe distance has become the priority. But imagine with me if you will, that you're in a Supermarket and the Corona virus is no more...

To achieve the goal of getting to the car park before everyone else, you have to become a little bit nosey. Which people are going to cost you precious seconds? Could it be those with expensive wine? They’ll have a security tag, as will DVDs and electrical items. Many a till operator has struggled to locate or remove security tags with speed. Adults with small children, have additional complications unrelated to their shopping. Spillages, tantrums, forgotten items and minor injuries are all potential time hazards. Who else should we avoid? Whilst we honour and respect our elders, there are reasons why standing behind the elderly in a queue is going to take longer. What am I talking about? Vouchers. Our senior citizens are the most money savvy people around and have saved up their money off vouchers for moments like these. Once located, it’s a given that at least one voucher will have unfairly small print disqualifying its use or be impossible to scan. Be ready for a long conversation to follow!

It’s easy to become impatient in moments like these; and if you’re anything like me, you’ll switch queues to get through quicker. Yet, nine times out of ten, a queue switch will result in being delayed even longer!

Sometimes we have difficulty in waiting for God's answers to our prayers. It can be similar to the feeling of standing in a queue where nothing appears to be progressing; at which point we begin to compare our plight to how others are doing. Then, motivated by our impatience, we begin to see if we can make our own way instead of waiting for God’s timing.

Do you feel unfairly treated? It’s tempting to allow fear to scare us into acting out of character. Our brains can be wired with a fear mentality that can make us second guess the thoughts of others. Have you ever acted stupidly, because you misunderstood what was going on? Maybe you’re asking God to help you find love, but nothing seems to be happening? Unfortunately, impatience can lead us to make rash or ill-thought out decisions. Sometimes there just isn’t a short-cut to God’s purposes.

You'd think the words “Be still before the Lord,” simply mean “Be quiet and pray”; but it also refers to how we act. “Be still” deliberately follows on from “Commit your way to the Lord," saying, once you have rolled your troubles over to God, it’s time to demonstrate your confidence in Him. You don’t need to stress in the waiting or think you are completely responsible for how life will turn out. When God is involved, He makes sure that you’ll have what you need. Some things will depend on whether the timing is right, or whether you are ready for what you’re asking for. You might find that when you next read your Bible, God lets you into part of the secret of what is coming next in your life. This is His way of drawing out your trust in Him. It’s in that quiet place with God that your confidence in Him has been built. So be confident in God's wisdom as well as His solution, by resisting the urge to do what your fears are telling you.

At times, we can actually make life more stressful than it needs to be; especially when we’re checking on how we're doing compared to others. There’s a value in the process of waiting, when it’s done in partnership with God. He honours patience practiced, as we obey what’s written in His word. Good things are in store for those who wait for Him.

Father God. Help me to see your solutions for the things that I need help with, instead of trying to make my own way. In Jesus' name.

Top picture: David Clarke - Unsplash

Paul Martin is a Youth Pastor and author who has written two 40 day youth devotional books from the Psalms. If you would like to read more, just click on this picture below to see a few sample devotions from these books.

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